Super-B Hydration


Our Super-B Hydration Treatment Contains:

  • One-Liter of IV Fluids

  • B-Complex 100

  • Methyl-B12

Target Use:

  • Severe dehydration

  • Sleep Deprivation

  • Dry skin and hair

  • Jet Lag

  • Low energy

Recommended use:

  • 2x a month to combat symptoms of fatigue and


About This Drip:

For those of us who are constantly moving at 110% while trying to find a healthy balance between work and play, we often neglect our body’s basic nutritional needs and can find ourselves tired and dehydrated. The Super-B Hydration gives you the boost you need for a fast-paced lifestyle.

With a liter of electrolyte fluids, this bag will completely re-hydrate your body. B vitamins help our bodies convert nutrients into energy and recent studies have shown that simply taking oral B vitamins isn’t alway enough to sustain healthy levels throughout body. However, through intravenous infusion we are able to obtain a 100% absorption rate and overcome this barrier. At optimal levels, these B vitamins will enhance cognitive and neurological function, maintain high physical energy levels, combat heart disease, and support detox throughout the body.