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DripIV is proud to offer Genova Diagnostic micronutrient tests to identify your specific deficiencies. The report details your vitamin and mineral deficits, oxidative stress levels, malabsorption markers, and much more while providing supplementation suggestions. This kit will allow us to customize your treatment and target your exact needs to help you feel your 100% best. The test is simple and will provide your results within a couple of weeks. It is an at-home urine sample which can be picked up from your home by FedEx and shipped to the lab. The only required preparation is to fast for 12 hours, so we recommend to fast following dinner and then leave your urine sample first thing in the morning. Please call us with any questions or stop by DripIV to purchase your micronutrient test!

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New DripIV Therapy and Hydration in Birmingham Announces Grand Opening Weekend Celebration March 1-3

BIRMINGHAM, MI– February 22, 2019: DripIV Therapy and Hydration, located at 105 Townsend Street in Birmingham, Michigan, is hosting a Grand Opening Weekend Celebration with special pricing, March 1-3, 2019!

DripIV Therapy and Hydration offers consumers the convenience of on-demand world-class IV therapy in an upscale spa-like environment, or in the privacy and comfort of their own home or office via mobile concierge service. The exciting new Birmingham business offers appointments Tuesday-Sunday (closed on Mondays), 11am-6pm, which can be scheduled by phone at 248-839-5794 or online at www.DripIV.com.

To celebrate the opening of their brand new location, DripIV is offering Grand Opening visitors a Super-B Energy Boost Quick Drip for $99 (a $200 value) that takes just 20 minutes, when they stop in between 11am-6pm on March 1-3, 2019.

The Super-B Energy Boost Quick Drip contains 500ml Electrolyte Balanced Solution, Vitamin B-Complex (B1 Thia-mine, B2 Riboflavin, B3 Niacin, B5 Dexapanthenol, B6 Pyridoxine), Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) and Folic Acid. The water-soluble vitamins in this Drip perform a range of vital functions including cardiovascular support, helping the body convert food into energy, immune function, and more. In addition, B complex vitamins are most notable for their role in promoting healthy skin, hair, and nails. They reduce free radicals in the body that contribute to aging, resulting in an overall healthier and younger appearance.

IV infusions offer fast relief of common conditions that come from cold and flu symptoms, travel, stress and fatigue by replenishing fluids and safely delivering essential elements like vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants directly into the body and straight to vital organs.

The healthy IV infusions and booster shots at DripIV Therapy and Hydration treat common ailments like dehydration, inflammation, vitamin deficiencies, cold and flu symptoms, hangovers, menopause, stress, and exhaustion, while helping improve weight loss, energy, beauty, anti-aging, mental clarity, athletic performance, and detoxification.

All IV therapies and booster shots offered at DripIV are administered by registered nurses. Renowned Integrative and Preventive Cardiologist Joel Kahn, MD, FACC, serves as the company’s Chief Medical Officer and advising physician.

“IV Therapy is life-changing, and we are really excited and proud to offer some of the most medically-sound compounds in the entire country at our new Birmingham location,” said Mark McManus III, General Manager of DripIV Therapy and Hydration. “The positive feedback we’ve received from people about how good they feel after trying our drips these last couple weeks has been phenomenal.  We’re really looking forward to introducing guests to IV Therapy at our Grand Opening and helping people lead healthier, happier lives for years to come.”

The new DripIV Therapy and Hydration location features IV therapy in an upscale spa-like setting with full body chairs, luxurious couches, and treatments that are available in a Group Lounge, complete with televisions and WiFi, a Serenity Lounge, with Bose® Quiet Comfort Headphones for relaxation and meditation, or a Private Lounge for individuals and couples.

All of DripIV’s treatments are loaded with essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants, proven to address specific nutritional needs, and carefully sourced from the leading compound pharmacies in the industry.  DripIV offers specialty IV drip therapies for Recovery (Stress Relief, Athlete Recovery, Hangover Pro, and Mega Detox), Wellness (Super-B Energy Boost, John Myers’ Cocktail, Maximum Energy, and Ultimate Immunity) and Enhancement (Gluta-Glow, Skinny Drip, Beauty Bag, and Fountain of Youth), as well as Booster Shots (Energy Boost, B-12 Boost, Vitamin D Boost, and Weight loss Boost.)

For more information and media inquiries please contact Sherrie Handrinos at SherrieHandrinos@gmail.com or call 734-341-6859.

About Drip IV Therapy and Hydration

DripIV Therapy and Hydration in Birmingham, Michigan, delivers the very latest safe and holistic blends of nutritional IV infusions and booster shots in the comfort of an upscale spa setting or the convenience of your own home or office.  All IV infusions and boosters are sourced locally and administered by mobile registered nurses and licensed technicians.

Founded by Mark McManus III, DripIV offers a variety of IV infusions and booster shots loaded with essential fluids, electrolytes, vitamins and antioxidants, proven to replenish, revive, recover and boost nutrition, health, and beauty needs.  

For DripIV Therapy and Hydration appointments and more information please visit www.DripIV.com.